Kim Lovert, Leeds

Very enlightening, very accurate.

G.M Higgings, Chesterfield

Extremely illuminating and thought provoking.

Sharon, Leicester

Interesting & accurate & enjoyable.

Sam Bentham, Coalvillle

Excellent, good reading!! Many thanks.

Sandra Jones, Broome

Very accurate, will take good advice given, keep up the good work.

Pat Godwith, Peterborough

Very impressed, most information was accurate, felt very relaxed. Thanks very much.

Rene Holts, Peterborough

Excellent, very accurate, thanks very much.

C Gale, Rugby

Very accurate to my past life and intriguing what the future holds for me.

S Parker, South Normanton

Very accurate, great empathy.

David Farwood, Mansfield

Very good, very accurate.