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Palmistry Counselling

If you are looking for detailed answers and guidance on what your life may bring and what your purpose in life is, palmistry counselling may be for you.

The purpose of the counselling extends much further than just Chirology (hand analysis), it gives you the knowledge and tools you need to change your mindset and approach to life – in order to impact on your own destiny. To find out how you can improve your health, wealth, career, happiness and relationships – get in contact with me to book your first palmistry counselling session.

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About me - John Harrison

My name is John Harrison, and I am a palmistry counsellor with over 30 years’ experience teaching the art of Chirology.

As well as being featured in health magazines, I have also appeared on TV with famous faces such as Carol Vorderman and Nick Ross.

Being spiritually gifted for as long as I remember, I am now keen to use my skills to benefit others – which is why I offer Palmistry Counselling and have published two books: The World In Your Hands – A beginners guide to Palmistry and The World In Your Hands – An advanced guide to Palmistry. My books are a beginners and advanced level guide to Palmistry and aim to give you an insight into what your hand shape can say out you.

Digital Palm Reading

  1. Take a clear picture

    Using a high-quality camera or mobile device, take a clear picture of each hand, as well as a picture of each finger-print pattern (including the thumb), flat to a dark surface, facing the camera. The clearer the image, the more accurate of a reading I will be able to provide for you.

  2. Upload your images here

    Once you have taken the images, you can then upload them to the ‘Digital Palm Reading’ section on our homepage. This is done by clicking ‘Choose File’, selecting each of your images, and completing the form (images can be uploaded through a mobile device or PC).

  3. Choose your reading

    Now that your images are uploaded, and you have filled your ‘name’ and ‘email address’ you can now choose the type of reading you would like. You can find out more about the details of each reading type by clicking here

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Explore your destiny

Get started today with a digital palm reading, and discover an insight into your past, present, and future self. When I receive your images I will send you a link to my PayPal. Upon completion of payment, I will perform a palm reading on the images you provide me with.

The World In Your Hands Book

Interested in Palmistry?

The Beginners Book on Palmistry

If you are interested in palmistry, but don’t yet have the knowledge or experience to know how to do it successfully, this book will give you all the information you need. This book has both detailed information and images which explains and identifies the important hand lines which can give you the answers to questions such as:

– What do your hands say about your personality?
– What career path is most suited to you?
– Do you need to improve your current lifestyle?
– How can you find a compatible partner?
– What is your direction in life?

Fill out the form below and I will send you a PayPal address where you can pay the £8 to. Upon completion of payment, I will post the book to the address provided.

Extend your knowlege

The Advanced Book on Palmistry

If you already have a good understanding of Palmistry, but are interested in finding out more from someone with many years of experience and knowledge – read my book ‘Advanced Guide to Palmistry Counselling’. After reading my book, you should be able to:

– Become competent in both chirology and palmistry.
– Integrate intuitive, analytical and counselling skills.
– Confidently read the hands of family or friends.
– Receive further training with “paid for” personal tuition.
– Learn that with study and practice, you could become a palmistry counsellor.
– Obtain professional skills and start your own practice.
– Earn a realistic salary, either part or full time, to support your family.
– Offer to give talks, lectures or work-shops.

To order this book for just £8, fill out the form below and I will send you a PayPal address which you can send your payment to.

The World In Your Hands Book


If you need more convincing of how accurate and insightful my palmistry readings are, have a read of just a few people’s experiences with me below.

Kim Lovert, Leeds

Very enlightening, very accurate.

G.M Higgings, Chesterfield

Extremely illuminating and thought provoking.

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Want to see some of my work for yourself? Here is a gallery of just some of the work I have done during my career as a Chirologist.