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Palmistry Beginners & Advanced Handbook on john-harrison-palmistry.comPalmistry Beginners & Advanced Handbook on

Association of Palmistry Counsellors
Beginners & Advanced Course Hand-Book By John Harrison -ITEC.
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John Harrison world reknown palmist -ITEC on john-harrison-palmistry.comMy Life As a Palmist

John Harrison is the leading Palmistry Counsellor in the U.K.
and has been teaching Palmistry for 30years.
Spiritually gifted since childhood,qualified in Chirology,and published in Kindred Spirit and Heres Health magazines,
he has appeared on I.T.V with Carol Vorderman,and Carlton T.V with Nick Ross.
Corporate clients include Virgin Records and Cable and Wireless.
A recognised tutor and consultant in palmistry his definitive Home Study Handbooks,now available to purchase on this website.

Training Courses

The Association of Palmistry Counsellors Beginners Course Hand-Book.

Designed as Home Study Tuition Courses,these are practical are intended for any person with a normal education skills,to learn the basic knowledge of Palmistry Counselling.


The Beginners Course comprises the 3 essential core subjects of

CHIROGNOMY , the Shape of the Hands[the outer form ].

CHIROMANCY,the Palmar Regions[the inner form] and

DERMATOGLYPHICS [the skin ridge patterns,and finger print patterns ].

The science of hand analysis is called CHIROLOGY.

It also includes a brief history of Palmistry, Astro-palmistry Symbolism,the equipment a person needs to practise Palmistry,knowledge of how to do a palmistry reading,and a suggested book reading list,so as to continue to study.
Naturally,these books also have graphic illustrations,as an aid to comprehension.
Finally,at the end of the book is a short Test which you can take to assertain whether you have absorbed the course,or perhaps need to do some further revision.


The Advanced Course is intended for those seeking to move towards becoming a professional Palmistry Counsellor.
Here there is an over-view of the philosophy and psychology of Palmistry.
There is a brief discussion of the archetypes of Chirology,taking in the philosophy of Alchemy and Magic,together with references to Astro-Palmistry and Hand Chart Synastry.

In general there is a profound emphasis on acquiring more advanced skills in Hand Analysis,such as Quadrant Division
There is are useful sections on how to determine a persons state of Health,and their potential Occupations.Practical advice on how to take Hand-prints is followed by insights,into how to read the hands professionally.
Finally,there is The Professional Palmists Reference Table,a list of recommended books,and the opportunity to try out the Advanced Course Test.

As an experienced professional Palmistry Counsellor I give the following advice to all students.

  • A. Read and comprehend the past authorities on Chirology.
  • B. Develope your skills in logic ,observation,deduction and analysis.
  • C.Where possible obtain skills and qualifications in counselling and psychology.
  • D.Develop your spiritual insights,and where possible enter a profound Spiritual Path leading to Enlightenment,so that you can become compassionate,wise and attain your life purpose.
  • E. Practise,practice,practice and assimilate experience through your clientele.
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